Thursday, January 11, 2007

Herbal Jojoba Oils For Skin & Hair Care

We here, at Herbal Fuzion, slowly infuse our 100% jojoba oil with the highest quality of herbs in a clean cool environment. This is so the vitality of the oil is not compromised. Our herbal infused jojoba oils are processed over a period of 4 ½ months with much care to ensure optimal potency.

We research and take our time when selecting our herbs and oil so that we can offer you our very best product.

Jojoba oil is a readily absorbed oil that mimics the natural oils produced by the skin and scalp. Infusion ensures the bonding of the oil and herbs. When the oil is absorbed into the scalp or skin the herbs are carried to the follicles to promote hair growth or deep into the skin to encourage cellular rejuvenation.

We also tailor oils to each individuals needs to accommodate your skin and hair. We have combinations of oils such as grape seed, avocado, soy bean, coconut oil and many other oils that are proven to work wonders for skin and hair.

We offer many wonderful products on our website that we are sure you will enjoy. We have a variety of bath salts and scrubs made of mineral enriched salts that have been hand mined from the Himalayans and moisturizers that can be tailored for you.

Our best sellers are the Restoration Moisturizer and our Tea Bag Baths. The Restoration Moisturizer works beautifully for skin that is prone to keloids, acne scars, and varicose veins. Our Tea Bag Baths contains dead sea salt, essential oils, and the finest herbs that will calm your spirit and mind as well as pamper your skin. We offer several different Tea Bag Bath combinations that are sold with refillable tea bags.

Our website is full of information about herbs and how they will work for you. You can get a look at our 100% all natural organic hair and skin products that are designed to encourage growth, health, and beauty the way nature intended. Visit us at:

Toll free 1(888)-518-4398

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